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For Smart Homes

"In the ever-evolving world of technology, we believe that success lies in the power of seamless connectivity. At Nanotech Solutions, we strive to transform businesses through expertly crafted IT solutions. With innovation as our driving force and excellence as our goal, we pave the way to a limitless digital future."


More security,
less worries

Burglaries, fires, water damage or personal accidents in a home can sadly happen at any time. However, a Loxone automated building knows when an unwanted visitor wants to access your home, when there’s smoke from a fire or water from a burst pipe, or when an elderly person takes a fall. Loxone is vigilant at all times, protecting you, your loved ones and your home.

More security,
less worries
"Access NFC"

Customize your access control according to your wishes: with the Loxone Intercom, the NFC Key Fob as a key alternative, a silent light bell and much more.

The 360-degree
Smart Home System

The ROI Turbo for your building

Real energy efficiency thanks to Miniserver automation

Proof of concept:
Restaurant of a global franchise brand saves
14,000 kWh of energy per month with Loxone

Since the energy crisis started, energy costs have had a major impact on economic success and profitability in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

This project illustrates impressively the energy-saving potential of restaurant chains. In a restaurant of a global franchise brand, among other things, an intelligent HVAC control was implemented, which made it possible to reduce energy consumption by 30% in a short time and without loss of comfort, thus significantly reducing the ecological footprint.


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