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High-quality cell phone repair

Reliable repair for the device you depend on most

  • Free, no-obligation diagnostics on all cell phones

  • All repairs are backed by a 6-month warranty

Professional Service

Our repair technicians are trained to handle even the most difficult of smartphone and tablet repairs — with a smile. Drop in your device and we’ll use our expertise to bring it back to life.

Our mission is to be the neighborhood shop you know to visit for every tech repair need imaginable. Whether it’s a broken screen, muffled speakers, fast-draining batteries, or weak signals, our team of credentialed experts is at the ready to get you the Fix you need.


Before setting the price, we conduct a detailed assessment of water damage on your phone. Our comprehensive diagnostics provide insights into the extent of damage and potential issues. Through meticulous examination, we ensure accurate evaluation, leading to fair pricing for repairs. Your satisfaction and device functionality matter most – our commitment to quality service.

Factory Reset

Whether you've forgotten your password or find yourself locked out, our expert team can seamlessly restore your phone to factory settings. Regain access and control over your device in no time.

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