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At Nanotech Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive IT support solutions to businesses of all sizes. With our team of skilled professionals and deep industry expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of technology, maximize operational efficiency, and drive business growth.

We understand that technology plays a critical role in your business success, and that's why we prioritize exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our approach is centered around building long-lasting partnerships, where we become an extension of your team, providing trusted advice, strategic guidance, and prompt resolutions to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.


Introducing SpotOn POS:

Experience reliable, lightning-fast performance with a sleek, user-friendly front-end design. Our cloud-based system provides easy access to reporting and back-office features, allowing you to retrieve information anytime, anywhere. SpotOn offers robust capabilities tailored to your specific needs, eliminating the requirement for local file servers that can cause performance issues and downtime. Seamlessly integrate our platform with online ordering for a convenient experience. Efficiently manage reservations and waitlists.



Nanotech Solutions is your trusted IT support partner, specializing in VoIP solutions that revolutionize communication. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows businesses to make voice and video calls over the Internet, offering cost-effectiveness and flexibility. By converting analog audio signals into digital data packets, VoIP eliminates the need for traditional telephone services and enables seamless communication. At Nanotech Solutions, our team of experts provides comprehensive support for VoIP systems, from setup to maintenance and troubleshooting. With our personalized service and commitment to customer satisfaction, we empower businesses to embrace the future of communication, increase productivity, and drive success in the digital age.


Streamline your office operations and enhance productivity by connecting all your desktops, laptops, printers, and scanners into a reliable network. No more hassle of running next door every time you need to print or exchange files with colleagues.

However, having your office network up and running is only the first step. Ensuring its robust security against the multitude of threats out there is equally important. 

Our comprehensive network security measures include advanced firewall protection, secure authentication protocols, and regular security updates to keep your data and devices safe from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your network is fortified and that your sensitive information remains confidential.


Customer Satisfaction

When you choose our IT company, we take the time to understand your business objectives, processes, and technology infrastructure.


Our team has deep expertise in the latest technologies and trends, ensuring cutting-edge solutions.


We prioritize data encryption to safeguard your confidential information and maintain privacy compliance standards.


Our responsive support team is available to address concerns promptly and minimize disruptions.

Why Choose Nanotech Solutions

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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Other Services

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Managed services are just the beginning — we offer a full range of solutions to build the best possible IT stack for each of our clients, based on their unique needs, challenges, and goals.

Satisfied Clients

"I have had Nano do work in and around my home for the last years. He is always clean, professional, and very responsible charges. When the needed service or repair of his work, he responded quickly and fixed the problem with a smile and assurance that he stands behind his work!

Five-star service!!"

Bob Nolan

(Cape May Country Sheriff)

"The Mad Batter, Carroll Villa Hotel, and now the Cricket Club in Cape May have enjoyed a very strong relationship with all of our technology needs. They want to do the best job for you and strive to that plateau."

Kulkowitz Family

(Cricket Club and Mad Batter & Carroll Villa Hotel)

"We are very pleased with the service we have received from Nanotech. They are quick to respond to any issues we may have from our POS system, printers, and office computers. With our collective of 3 restaurants, a hospitality group, and a constructive company, their team has been easy to work with and flexible. They have raised our expectations on technical services and become an asset to our company."

Brendan Sciarra

(Mudhen, Dogtooth and Poppi's)

"We highly recommend Nanotech Solutions. We have used them for a variety of projects including networking, phone systems, and print-on-sake solutions. They are always reliable, honest, and dependable. Nano goes above and beyond to keep his customers happy. We are very pleased with our relationship with Nano and Nanotech Solutions."

Dan Powell

(Uries, Boathouse and Beach Creek)

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